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Business Law Attorney Youngstown, OH
From business formation to daily operations, if you’re looking for a business law attorney who can help your local business continue to grow and succeed, choose our firm to represent and advise you.
Custody Lawyer Youngstown, OH
Preparing your estate or writing a will can be overwhelming and stressful. With assistance from an experienced probate lawyer or estate lawyer, the process becomes much easier.
Divorce Lawyer Youngstown, OH
Many legal-related issues come with ending a marriage. Choose us as your divorce lawyer and you can count on efficient results and compassionate representation.
Estate Lawyer Youngstown, OH
Divorce often brings child custody battles. Avoid the time and money spent in courtrooms while our professional custody lawyer guides you through the legal process.
Choosing a law firm to represent you is the most important decision you will have to make if you are involved in a legal proceeding. At Siciliano & Gallitto, PLL, we are committed to providing you with expert legal advice every step of the way. We have been practicing business and family law in Youngstown, OH since 1989. With our firm on your side, you can expect our best effort to get you the results you want and deserve. 

Business Law Attorney

When you own a business, legal matters will certainly arise and it’s important to have a qualified business law attorney on your side. Our team is experienced in all aspects of business law and is ready to help guide you.

Whether you're forming a business and need help sorting out a partnership or corporation or you need a business law attorney to help you sort our an operations matter, our team is here for you. We have been the trusted attorney for businesses throughout the Youngstown, OH area since 1989. Call today to set up a consultation.

Divorce & Custody Lawyer

Divorce is a trying time for any family. From the divorce itself to child custody, there are many issues that must be handled delicately. Our divorce and custody lawyers are knowledgeable in family law matters and can be there for your.

Legal Will & Estate Lawyer

Settling wills and estates is another sensitive subject. Having a reliable and knowledgeable estate lawyer can help you ensure that you and your loved ones wishes are fulfilled.  Our team of legal will and estate lawyers can help you and your family settle these matters with compassion during a difficult time in your life. 

Property Lawyer

Buying and selling real estate can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. There is a lot of paperwork and legal issues that might come up, and having an experienced property lawyer on your side can ensure that the transaction occurs without any hassle. Give us  a call today to find out more!

We proudly serve the Youngstown, OH area

We specialize in offering counsel during the most trying times in your life. We have helped people all over the Youngstown, OH area in several areas of practice. Whether you need a divorce lawyer, estate lawyer or legal will lawyer in your area, we are here to extend the most helpful and professional representation. 

You aren’t on your own. Our experienced legal team can recommend the best course of action during your time of need.

If you are looking for representation from trusted and experienced attorneys, call (234) 201-9812 to set up an initial consultation. We proudly serve the Youngstown, OH area. 

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